Ron Keichline

Montgomery Co. Commissioner, Precinct 2

Ron Keichline’s Platform

Investing in our shared future

As a Boy Scout, I learned you always leave a campsite in better shape than you found it. To my way of thinking, our existing infrastructure is an investment that our parents and grandparents made in our country. Maintaining and improving local roads, bridges, utilities, and other county services – that’s an ongoing responsibility we have to our children and grandchildren. I am determined to make sure I use taxpayers’ dollars responsibly to benefit all Montgomery County residents.

Blending science and policy

Mr. Keichline holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management and has over 18 years of corporate Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and consulting experience. He is a certified Management Systems Auditor and is committed to using his experience as an auditor to ensure transparent and ethical operations under his responsibility.

Mr. Keichline is active in The Woodlands and surrounding communities, having been a volunteer on the original steering team for the Bike The Woodlands Coalition, is a life member of The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. (GrassRoots Environmental Education Network), as well as a member of the inaugural June 2009 graduating class of the Montgomery County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). He and his wife are proud parents of two boys attending a local elementary school in The Woodlands.

On The Issues

Eric Yollick asked on Thursday, Jan 4th, 2018

What are the main issues that you believe are critical for the Precinct 2 County Commissioner that you'd like to address if you win?

I have a few ideas I'm currently working on. I know that the Commissioner's Court has been accused of corruption and cronyism. I think this needs to be taken seriously and so I would propose an independent audit be undertaken to identify areas for improvement. Similarly, I would like to see more transparency and approachability from the Commissioner's Court. To the extent allowed by law, I think all public meetings should be live-streamed and archives should be available online for residents to review. This would allow for more citizen participation as well as holding the court accountable. Trying to get a sense of the court from the published meeting minutes is a daunting task.

Catherine Dominguez asked on Thursday, Jan 4th, 2018

Have you ever held an elected position? If so, what position. If not, what is the driving force behind your decision to run for commissioner?

This is my first non-academic run for elected position. My final year in graduate school I was elected to student council and was our environmental advocate. I fully understand this will be significantly different experience, to put it mildly. I identify as a Democrat and have a Master's Degree in Environmental Management. The real spark for me was the result of last year's Presidential election - I was deeply shocked and dismayed. My uncle was a County Supervisor in rural Northern California and I always admired him for balancing his public service with farming, and I'd often talked about wanting to run for office in some capacity. I learned that there were numerous opportunities to run as a Democrat in local elections and decided that it was time to do something proactive. I think my educational background in environmental science combined with practical work experience in management and budgeting will be valuable to the commission.

Catherine Dominguez asked on Thursday, Jan 4th, 2018

The current court has been focused on reducing spending and the budget. In fact, the court did cut the budget by 5.5 percent for the next fiscal year. Where do you stand on the county budget and if you could trim it, where would you cut?

I feel like a budget should be managed much like a contract - a proper budget should describe a scope of services and price to complete those services. Unless it is clear that the current budget is over-inflated, I would not be in favor of arbitrarily trimming the budget without understanding what services or personnel would be reduced. I feel that money that is approved to be spent should be spent according to the scope of services. Projects that are completed under-budget should be audited to ensure the project was completed as scoped.

Catherine Dominguez asked on Thursday, Jan 4th, 2018

The Texas 249 toll road is a hot button issue for the county. However, the majority of residents in Magnolia are in favor of it while a small group of people have taken a vocal stand against it. What is your position on this road and its need for west county?

Personally, I am not a big fan of tollways in general as they are by their nature inequitable and disproportionately affect low-income residents (as the toll is de facto a road use tax). My opinion on the subject is that public roads should be equally available to all residents and visitors. That said, I am committed to following the law and the will of the voters: should such a referendum be approved I would act in my capacity to implement the project on-time and within budget. Furthermore, I understand that there are different types of bonds that may be used to pay for such projects (general obligation bonds vs revenue bonds, for instance) and the specific details need to be understood before I can make a definitive, blanket statement on TX-249.

Catherine Dominguez asked on Thursday, Jan 4th, 2018

In the past, Magnolia and The Woodlands residents have been on opposite sides of issues, such as the toll road and The Woodlands Parkway extension. How difficult do you think it will be to get the support of Magnolia voters (outside The Woodlands) as a Woodlands resident?

Honestly, there is going to be a large group of voters who will hear that I am a Democrat and will decide I'm not for them, regardless of what I say. I won't be able to overcome someone who won't even give me the chance - that goes for The Woodlands, Magnolia, and the rest of Precinct 2. I would love to think that "I am open to different ideas" but that is a pretty Pollyanna answer to a complicated question. I expect that I will need to spend a lot of time outside of The Woodlands getting to know voters, learning their concerns, and hoping my answers to their most important questions are better than my opposition.

The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats asked on Friday, Jan 12th, 2018

African American entrepreneurs have long struggled to secure capital to start a business in our community. What economic development initiatives will you champion that will have a direct and positive impact [on] African Americans businesses, employment and entrepreneurship?

For any county project under my responsibility I believe that I have an obligation as County Commissioner to select the best contractor at a reasonable, justifiable price. I believe there are strict contract bidding/selection rules that apply to all County contracts and I will adhere to those ethical requirements above all else. That said, I am more than happy, where possible, to push for DBE contract vehicles for small businesses, disadvantaged businesses, minority- or women-owned, or veteran-owned businesses - to help these entrepreneurs gain experience and project portfolio to be able to compete for open County-wide contracts.


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Running errand over lunch and dropping off one of the required financial statements due today and got to exchange pleasantries with Gregory Parker for Montgomery County Commissioner PCT #2. Chilly afternoon but a friendly conversation.
Please DONATE to the campaign. I am placing an order for campaign signs and push cards (business cards) to help spread the word that Montgomery County residents have a common sense, moderate alternative when it comes to local politics. I’m running on a science-based platform of economic responsibility, land stewardship, and mutual respect. Please DONATE to my campaign via the links on my website or Facebook. Or mail your campaign contributions to: Keichline for Elected Office PO Box 130742 Spring, TX 77393 Please DONATE today - we’re in this together and I can’t do this without your help. Thank you —Ron

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314 Action are members of the STEM Community, grassroots supporters and political activists committed to bring innovation to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education, aggressively advocate for real solutions to Climate Change and elect more STEM trained candidates to public office.
If you didn’t get a chance to come to the Whistle Stop event today, here is a transcript of the speech ... "Hello, my name is Ron Keichline and I’m running as a Democrat for Montgomery County Commissioner, Precinct 2. I’m happy to be here. My approach to the position will be balanced and rooted in science. I will focus on three pillars of (1) fiscal responsibility, (2) land stewardship and resiliency, and (3) I will actively encourage diversity and respect. Responsibility … Stewardship … Mutual Respect … Responsibility – Budgets should be appropriate to the scope of services to be provided, and adjusted accordingly when warranted. I will use business-proven management system tools to audit department budgets and thus promote continuous improvement. Stewardship – Montgomery County should invest in best practices in infrastructure and resiliency planning to ensure that we can respond to and mitigate natural disasters AND be well prepared to take advantage of future opportunities we may not have even thought of yet. Mutual Respect – I’m a collaborative team leader and I know that great ideas can come from anyone ... if you give them a chance. I am absolutely willing to work beyond party lines to consider good ideas and give credit where credit is due. My name is Ron Keichline. Learn more about me at and on Facebook at VoteRonK I trust that most Montgomery County voters will find my campaign message of responsibility, stewardship, and mutual respect has broad appeal and is the better choice for our future. Thank you. VoteRonK"
I’m looking forward to attending the upcoming Whistle Stop Tour. Please consider coming to hear your Montgomery County political candidates - and say “Hi” if you see me.


Come and support your local Democratic candidates while you support the Arts. This Millbend Special Concert Event will be preceded by a Meet & Greet with Houston area Democratic Candidates for the 2018 elections. The Meet & Greet will begin @ 7:00pm in Garden Room of Northwoods UU Church, 1370 N. Millbend Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380. The following candidates are currently scheduled to participate: Jay Stittleburg (for Montgomery County Judge) John-Brandon Pierre (for District Clerk) Ron Keichline (for Montgomery County Commissioner, Precinct 2) Steven David (Texas 8th District Representative - Tom Brady's seat) Mandy Sunderland (Montgomery County Treasurer) Claire Lindsay (for Justice of the Peace) The concert will follow the Meet & Greet at 7:30pm.

Event: An Evening with Roy Zimmerman

Imagine the wit of Will Rogers and Samuel Clements mixed with Bob Dylan's musical abilities and you have a glimpse of Roy. If Gandhi had played guitar, grown hair and sung at the top of his lungs, he still wouldn't have had Roy Zimmerman's wicked sense of musical satire. On the other hand, Roy Zimmerman has never liberated a nation from a tyrannical oppressor. He's working on it though, one song at a time. Roy sings a compelling combination of socially conscious comedy and original music. It's Lenny Bruce meets Stephen Sondheim meets Phil Ochs in Brian Wilson's living room. Bring your social conscience and your sense of humor for this show. Check out his YouTube channel @ Also come out and meet Democratic Candidates and/or campaigns: Jay Stittleburg (for County Judge) John Brandon Pierre (Mont Co. Dist. Clerk) Ron Keichline (Mont Co Pct 2 Commissioner) Steven David (Texas 8th District Representative - Brady's seat) Mandy Sunderland (Montgomery County Treasurer) Claire Lindsey (for Justice of the Peace) Tickets are $20 per person with portion of proceeds going to the candidates.

Date Sun, February 25th, 2018
Starting 7:00 pm
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Join Lorena, her family and friends to celebrate the kick-off of her campaign for Texas State House District 15!

Location 3126 Sawdust Rd The Woodlands, TX 77380
Date Sun, January 28th, 2018
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I’ll be attending the screening and presentation on climate change. If you’re there too, come say “Hi”

Event: National Security and Climate Risk

Screening of the documentary "The Age of Consequences", followed by Q&A with General Jameson.

Date Sat, January 27th, 2018
Starting 1:00 pm
Ending 3:00 pm
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